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03 June 2008

Challenge Update

Well it's day three and after my first two fantastic days I wasn't sure how I'd go. I was extremely tired when I woke and really didn't think I had it in my to write anything. But surprisingly I wouldn't let myself sit down and vege out in front of the tv. I put a lingerie order in and managed to get my son to be by 7.30pm! Then it was open a new word document.

You see I had finished my first short story last night so I had to start a new one. Initially the words took a while coming, in fact I was pretty sure that if I got two pages done I'd be pretty happy. But once I got into it the words flowed and in between fighting with the boy, who wouldn't go to sleep, I managed to get a grand total of 2,033 words written.

I'm very proud of myself I exceeded my expectations. So now for me it's just tweak my query letter and synopsis, yes I know I was supposed to send it off today, but I wanted someone to give it one last look over. I went to the post office and bought the stamp and IRC and so tomorrow I'll email it to work, print it out and kiss it goodbye!

Not sure how much writing I'll get done tomorrow. Have the wink girls meeting at my house and this coming weekend will probably be a total write off as I've got something on every day. I'm really glad I had a good start. Might email my story to work and see if I can squeeze in a couple hundred words there.

Keep writing!



  • At 6:54 am , Blogger Rachael Blair said...

    What fabulous progress you're making Nicki!!! I'm amazed at the creativity you must be needing for FIVE novellas in ONE month!!

    Oh and good luck with Desire!

  • At 8:30 pm , Blogger lidia said...

    Great to see you writing! Can't wait to see you in print!


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