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22 September 2007


Well it's been a month since my last blog. I admit that I've struggled about what to write about.

I was so pumped after conference to get stuck into my writing but unfortunately life has got in the way. Have I let it do that or is it just the way my life is. A bit of both I guess. I want to write but I find, even after telling myself I am a Great Writer, that I'm struggling to actually do something about it. Like right now I could be writing but I'm blogging :-)

I've actually decided to try and target another line. I'm still going to submit my full length wip to London but I'm also going to try and do a Spice Brief a new line of ebooks. It's email submission and the word length is 5,000 - 20,000. I figure for such a small length it's a good way to actually get quick feedback on my writing to actually see where I'm at. Of course the return time might be ages, but it's still worth a try.

So having said that I think I'll go off and do something about it now.

Oh before I go I've finally succumbed to the ebay bug. In a matter of 4 days I've placed 4 items to sell and purchased one pair of shoes! I'm putting my baby stuff up and so far have had bids on both items that hits my reserve price. We shall see if I get more than my reserve. I'm hoping so.

Be nice to each other.



  • At 12:27 pm , Blogger lidia said...


    I hope that you still continue to target HPs. I am not a "Spice" reader but want to real your books!!!!!



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