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16 August 2007

Conference and other stuff

Had a fabulous, fabulous time at conference. Blogged over at Musings by Wink about it all. Well only a small portion and I'll definitely post more here I think. I can go on and on because this is my blog :-)

Don't you hate it when your plans go awry? Tonight we had a plan, hubby and I would get the kids into bed by 7.30pm, he'd go and do the grocery shopping and I'd stay home and write.

Well let's just say, got one child in bed by 7.30pm the other in bed by 7.45pm, hubby left to do the shopping before said second child went to bed. Then daughter, who was in bed first, decides that she really does want her hair in curls so I had to do that! Seriously she does look really cute with them so I didn't mind :)

Here's a picture of her with them.

And seeing as I'm sharing photos better include one of the boy.

I also sell Intimo Lingerie and had a presentation last night so I had to fix that order up. Consequently it's now 8.50pm and I've yet to do any writing.

Oh yes that's right, I set the washer to come on but forgot to fill it with clothes and soap. So it's just given it's self a merry old wash!

Guess there is always tomorrow night. :-)



  • At 10:09 pm , Blogger lidia said...

    Great pictures Nicki! You must be very proud of them.



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