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02 June 2008

What's New

Well if you noticed on the side bar I now have a word counter. I signed up for the Romance Writers of Australia June Nano. It's not the 'official' Nano just one of the girls suggested doing it and well I signed up. I wasn't too sure how I'd go seeing as for the last couple of years I've done zilcho on the serious writing front. So 1st of June arrived and I started. By the end of the first day I had amassed a great total of 4,558 words. I was really proud of myself.

Well it's day two and you can see by the counter that I'm over the 10k mark. The words just flowed it felt so good.

My goal for June was to write 5 10k novellas so the first one is done and dusted. Of course it's the first draft so I'm sure a bit of it is drivel but I felt most of it is pretty good. I'm also try to write a bit of erotica so that has been a bit of fun!

I'm also going to enter the Desire pitch on eharlequin. I'm hopeful something will come of that as well and tomorrow I'm sending a query letter and synopsis off to Desire for my completed MS. I entered the same MS in the Instant Seduction contest and I've not had any response so I'm guessing it didn't strike any chords with them. So I thought I'd give Desire a go. Also I'm going to do a bit of a plot change on it which may have been a problem with the contest I entered. It's all a learning curve and I'm really pleased to say that this year before I go to the RWAus conference that I have submitted. YAY Me!

Well I'm going to start a new story now. Another idea has been floating around for a while so I'm going to try and get a start on it tonight. Let's hope I haven't used up my muse.



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