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18 October 2007

What do you do?

Recently a high profile AFL (Australian Rules Football) player based in my home town fell foul of the law again. This is probably his 4th indiscretion and it appears it could again be drug related. He had rehab earlier this year and appears to have fallen off the wagon. Or was he really 'on the wagon' when he left the centre? I just don't know and quite frankly don't think anyone really knows but the person involved. He had everything a great career, good money and heaps of opportunity when he finally retired from the sport. But now he is at the moment a 'disgraced' player. I feel for his parents and his teammates who he has let down. I don't feel people should be soft on him because he was given chance after chance after chance. Once could say he has fallen on his own sword. But I sincerely hope he can come out the other side.

So my concern is with young children what can I do to make my kids understand the dangers of drugs. I was never tempted but then drugs really weren't that huge when I was growing up. Yes they were around when I was clubbing but I know I had the sense to avoid it. Too scared of throwing up so basically wouldn't try anything if there was a chance of that happening!

It really worries me how I can keep my kids safe. I'm not talking about wrapping them up in cotton wool or anything but trying to keep that stuff away from them.

I guess it will all just be a matter of education and guiding them.

Ack not looking forward to the teenage years or young adulthood at all.

I just hope that we can instill enough good values in them both to make informed judgments and decisions.



  • At 2:59 am , Blogger Jorun said...

    I love the confidence displayed by the little word "just" in your sentence "I guess it will all just be a matter of education and guiding them."

    I quite agree that this is all we have, and it scares me.


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