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25 February 2010

The First Wait is Over

Back in November I sent my full manuscript off to Desire. Over the last couple of weeks I'll admit to checking the answering machine to see if it was flashing for a message or checking the mail box for any sign of a letter.

Well the wait is over. Today I received a rejection. Guess I didn't make the Olympic team! It wasn't a form rejection which is a plus. There were things that just didn't work in the story. Those things are what I need to work on. I've sent it off to someone who has never seen the story before to see if she could also pick up on the points the editor did.

At the end of the letter she wished me luck but didn't suggest I send her anything else. But guess what, I'm not going to let that stop me. I also have in my possession another rejection - that one a form rejection, from the same Associate Editor saying to feel free to query her again. Ironically, when I first queried on this story she rejected it then. Then I did an online pitch with another editor and she requested the partial, then the full. Guess it still didn't work for the first editor :)

The plus side of it, at least I know where it fell down and what I need to fix. So I'll give it time. Work on my full requested Medical then look back at it and send it off to another publisher. The more I get it out there the more chance I have of getting it published or at the very least ideas on how to improve my writing.

So this Olympian/Author wannabe hasn't given up!


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  • At 9:57 pm , Blogger Rachael Johns said...

    Oh Nicki - commiserations on the R. Never nice but your attitude is great!

    Onwards and upwards - you WILL succeed!!!

  • At 2:45 pm , Blogger Janette Radevski said...

    Sorry to hear about your R. And as Rach said, your attitude is great! And you do have your medical right? Fingers crossed for that one.

  • At 11:41 pm , Blogger lidia said...

    Nicki, very sorry to hear about your R. I know that "your day" is just around the corner. I really, really want to read the rest of your book! You will need to autograph it for me.

    You and your family are lucky that you moved to Houston and not the Northeast. I don't know that you could have dealt with all of the snow that we've had. The kids probably would have enjoyed that though!

    Take care of yourself!


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