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08 January 2010

100th Post

What a milestone, I can't believe I've written 100 blog posts. I started this blog a long time ago, if I was a bit more prolific perhaps I would have reached the milestone sooner but still I've reached it now.

So should a 100th post be something witty. Or should it be something reflective. Or should it be philosophical. Or should it be a typical Just Nicki post. I think a combination of everything, if I can achieve that.

So I wake up today and the temperature is -4C - wow I don't think I've experienced anything this cold. Then again, when I was in New Zealand it was pretty bloody cold but I didn't have a fancy mobile phone that could tell me what the temperature is. Of course, the house has central heating so you could walk around in just a t-shirt if you want - sadly that's not me, I feel the cold even with the heating on! I think just knowing it's that cold outside is enough to give me the chills. Currently it's -1C, break out the bikini! I am desperate I'm talking about weather.

Actually I've had a pretty eventful week. Kids went back to school on Tuesday - peaceful house YAY!! I'm chatting away to my friend on Skype when my mobile rings, its my DH telling me our beautiful daughter had a fall at school and didn't want to put any weight on her leg. The call came in around 11.15am. Fast forward 3 and a bit hours and we have x-rays showing a broken leg! She is now sporting a beautiful pink cast and crutches. It hits me some time that my baby has a broken leg. I've never had a broken leg so I don't know what she is feeling or the pain she may be experiencing. I've not cried once which surprised me. Skylar has been extremely brave about it all as well. Of course, now her brother wants a green cast and crutches. Let's hope I don't have two children on crutches. What has amazed me is the resilience of kids, she has taken it all in her stride. I'm so proud of her.

I've not done a lot this week. I did some writing, I re-wrote a short story for a contest. Hopefully I've answered the questions that the girls from my critique group mentioned last meeting. I've not been hit with any new ideas but I figure the 3 I had last week is a pretty good start. I really need to concentrate on my writing now.

My good friend from my critique group Shona Husk sold a story at the end of last year to the Wild Rose Press which is so exciting for her. Now this week she's heard from a West Australian publisher that they are buying a short story she has written for their upcoming anthology. And just yesterday she's received an email from Samhain Publishing which was a request for revisions for a story she sent them a little while ago. She is on fire and I for one couldn't be happier for her. Shona has worked hard on her craft over the last couple of years and has been submitting, submitting, submitting, which is the only way to know what or how you are doing. Yay Shona.

Well can't think of much more to say. So there you have it my 100th post. What will the next 100 bring me??


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  • At 12:14 am , Blogger Eleni Konstantine said...

    Congratulations Nicki on your 100th post!!

    And here's to another 100+!

    Ouch for your daughter but you are so right - kids are so resilient.


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