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28 January 2010

Interesting Facts about Me

So I'm procrastinating and instead of doing my edits I was reading blogs. I went over to my friend Rach's blog and voila see she's tagged me for a "Kreativ Blog" award. Woohoo something I can do instead of editting. LOL Also if I don't do it now I won't do it because I'll forget about it.

So what are seven interesting facts about me.

1. I've just moved to Houston Texas with my hubby and two fabulous kids. After living in Perth, Western Australia for over 30 years and being such a family person, it was a very hard decision to move away from everything that I knew to a new country. But I'm here and I am enjoying it.

2. I did Ballroom dancing for 8 years and taught as well.

3. I currently have two requested fulls - one with Desire (been there since Nov 13) and the others is for a medical (the one I should be editting right now!)

4. I started writing after I had my daughter, but according to my school reports, I was telling stories at 5 1/2 years old!

5. My husband is a kiwi and he is incredible in picking out the personality of people the moment he mets them.

6. I had to leave one of my cats in Perth and after having her for over 14 years I miss her every day!

7. I'm addicted to chocolate and coca cola.

So there you have it. Man it was tough to come up with something interesting but I think I did it and I hope you have learnt a little bit about me.

I'm not sure who comes and reads my blogs so I can't think of who else to nominate. :)



  • At 2:49 am , Blogger Eleni Konstantine said...

    Hey Nicki,

    Thanks for sharing those facts about you. Ballroom dancing sounds fascinating. Did you get all dressed up?

    Sorry you had to leave your cat behind. That must have been so hard. At least you are enjoying being in Houston with your family.

    Good luck with your requests!! That's wonderful.

  • At 6:27 am , Blogger Rachael Johns said...

    I'm addicted to chocolate and diet coke - lol!

    Great list :)

  • At 1:09 am , Blogger Simone Pes said...

    Hi Nic, I read your blogs, not all the time but now and again. It is very interesting to hear your prospective on things.

    I was looking at Google Maps today trying to work out how we can incorporate our 2014 Olympic experience in Russia with a trip to Houston and Disneyland, as you can imagine not an easy task. Decided if we are going to travel overseas why not see the whole world!!!. Luv Sim xoxox

  • At 7:22 pm , Blogger Jo said...

    I've jsut started reading your blog. It's great - warm, witty and inspiring. Love it! Jo


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