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11 December 2009

Wink Girls and stuff


Not sure if anyone is still following this, but if you're interested I just posted a blog on the WinkGirls blog.

It's getting to that wonderful time of the year when the jolly fat guy in the red suit comes shimmying down the chimney and spreads lots of love and laughter and gifts to everyone.

For me it will be bittersweet, the first christmas in 39 years that I haven't spent with my family. No breakfast get together at my aunt's place with my extended, no rushing madly home to check on the food in the oven (it would have been my turn to host christmas with my immediate family this year) and then no chilling in the evening with more food and my DH's mum. I'll still get to see the kids faces when they open the gifts but it will just be the four of us and we will have to start a tradition of our own.

I hope to get more writing done now too. Need to structure my time better and I do plan to do that. I mean just this week I took a notebook in the car while I waited for the kids to come out of school and wrote some words. I could take the laptop and write - good in theory I should just follow through.

It's all just a matter of being willing to follow through and not wimp out.



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