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25 October 2009

Emotional rollercoaster

I've climbed back onto that sucker and it's really not a pleasant ride. :) For me to explain what I mean I have to go back to over a week and half ago.

October 14th was a momentous day for my DH and I, we closed on the house we purchased in Houston - we had a home again. We are mortgage payers again. Silly as it sounds, it's a nice feeling. The whole process of settlement is completely different here than it is back at home. We were present and so was the seller at handover. It was a lovely process and to meet the daughter of the previous owner made it even more special.

The next exciting thing was all our furniture, plates, beds, sheets and toys were all arriving at the house two days later. Yay get to see our stuff again. The only down side, my DH was flying out for work for two weeks the day after our stuff arrived!

So the morning of the big move I wake up all excited and do what I always do - check my phone for emails I may have received overnight. There sitting in my inbox is an email from my dad with an attachment. The attachment is from Harlequin Mills & Boon. Back in February I sent off a partial that I pitched at the RW Australia conference in 2008. I could see the letter and it was about 5 or 6 paragraphs long. My heart beat faster and I said to my DH, oh looks like I've got a rejection, but it doesn't look like its a form rejection so that's good. I guess the reason I thought it was a rejection was because the only exposure I had to a full request was a two paragraph letter.

So I went over to the computer and started it up. All the while dreading what I was going to find. So eventually I open the email, then the attachment and when I get it to a readable size I start to read it out to my DH. It wasn't a rejection but a request for a FULL!! The editor also went on to suggest some changes to make my heroine stronger. OH MY GOODNESS, editorial advice it was an amazing letter and I was on top of the world. Also she said that my style was fluet and my voice engaging and sparky. WOW!

It was a fabulous rollercoaster ride so far, but as with all rollercoasters, there is a downside. I guess that happened the next day when I waved my DH goodbye. The moment he left, it was like my kids became possessed. Needless to say for the rest of the week, there were tears and lack of sleep didn't help.

Throw in a couple of family bereavements which are doubly hard when you are thousands and thousands of miles away. And it's just got even hairer!

So now it's a week since DH left and I think I'm reaching the end of the ride. I feel a bit more in control. We spent last night at the house and I got to sleep in a bed I hadn't slept in for nearly 3 months. It was bliss. Also the kids loved seeing all their toys and played nicely with them. The most amazing thing was, we had no tv and really the kids didn't miss it. How much of watching TV is leading to my problems?

I'm hanging out for the day when we move in officially, I think we'll all be more grounded when we are surrounded by our stuff and can relax because it's our home.

Only a couple weeks to go.



  • At 9:41 pm , Blogger the Carter's said...

    hey Nicki

    that is lovely to hear about your request for a full... how wonderful.... hope you enjoy your house and the week stays being so positive...

    catch you


  • At 12:07 am , Blogger Rachael Johns said...

    Yay Nicki

    Very exciting news about the full request! Hugs on all the rest!! Must be such a cultural shock moving to a new country, even if it is a Western, English-speaking one!


  • At 2:52 pm , Blogger lidia said...


    YEAH! Which of your stories was requested for a "full?"

    Seeing your name in print is become a reality. -- I can't wait!!!!

    Good news about getting settled into your new house. That will make a huge difference. You will finally be a place that you can call home with all of your personal belongings!

    The best part is that you will be spending the holidays in our home! I don't know if you are getting caught up with US holidays but Thanksgiving is in November. It is a lovely holiday.

  • At 11:02 pm , Blogger Eleni Konstantine said...

    Congrats on the request for the full!

    And for getting settled into your new home.


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