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20 November 2009

Superstitious - Not me!

Last Friday was Friday 13th. So many people stress and stay at home that day. It's a Friday though, doesn't everyone look forward to a Friday?

For me 13 is my lucky number, why? Well I was born on the 13th. I've had a few black Friday's including my 21st birthday. So how can the 13th be bad. I'm not that superstitious, I even had a black cat - Theodore. It was so cute when he was asleep his whole face was just blank, even his nose was black. I guess the only superstition I do have is not putting new shoes on the dinner table. Nothing else really bothers me. In fact my next Friday 13th Birthday will be in the year 2013. How many people will be hiding that day!

I've always considered that the best things happen to me on the 13th. First one - my birthday. I started a job I loved on 13th November, that year it was a Monday, but I stayed in the job for nearly 5 years and worked with some absolutely fabulous people. I look back at that time with such fond memories.

My DH and I found my engagement ring on 13th May. So for me it made perfect sense to finally send off one my requested Manuscripts on a Friday 13th and so I did. So again, a momentous moment in my life occurred on the 13th of a month.

Now I wait, wait for a response and either good or bad I will not regret sending it on Friday 13th.


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