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03 November 2009

New Beginnings

Well we've moved into the house. It's nice to be surrounded by familiar things and sleep in my own bed. The kids appear more settled. There are still a heap of boxes that need unpacking and still a bit of the apartment to pack up but it will get done and then we'll be able to relax and settle into a routine.

Even Scooter the cat seems quite content. Extremely happy to go outside and roam around. He never wanted to do that at the apartment and I didn't mind there were trucks and cars coming and going around the complex. The weird thing is Scooter sees the furniture and it obviously clicks in his mind that its all his. He has also worked out that we have a garage that he can get into again. Back home he lived in the garage, he ate and slept out there. So at this house, he sits at the laundry door and goes, let me out, the garage is my domain. I have to keep telling him, that it's okay for him to be inside now, in fact I want him inside. Maybe he has been suffering from Cultural Shock and is happy with the familiar again. But I'm so glad we made the decision to bring him over, I'd be lost without him.

For me I go in and out of Cultural Shock, some days I'm really good and other days I see an email or realise there's a major Australian event coming up (like Melbourne Cup) and I'm not there to celebrate or get dressed up. But there are plenty of new traditions that I can get involved with.

We celebrated our first 'real' Halloween, the kids went trick or treating last year but here in the States, well it's an institution. The kids had a ball getting dressed up and going from door to door and getting treats. I think they got more enjoyment out of handing out the candy to the kids that knocked on our door!

The next big holiday will be Thanksgiving. Kids get some time off school which will be nice and hopefully my DH will be here to help celebrate and not off on another business trip. Although the way his schedule is it's highly likely he'll be away. Fingers crossed he won't be.


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  • At 9:52 am , Blogger lidia said...


    Glad to hear that you are finally getting settled in your new home. That must be so much better now that you have all of your own things.

    Yes, Halloween is a "big deal" here in the states. In my town the kids have a parade in their costumes down the main street. The stores all have candy and the kids go trick or treating there afterwards.

    I hope that you have made some friends in your neighborhood and with your children's school friends parents.

    Now you need to get back to writing so that I can see your name in print. LOL


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