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27 July 2007

Books I've Read

What better thing to do when you are sick than to read a book?

I was feeling unwell on Sunday and had just finished a book that took me 2 weeks to finish. Not because it wasn't good, it was a Kate Walker book, they are always fabulous, but I just didn't have the time!

So I decided I wanted to 'lose' myself in a book. I looked through my large TBR pile, Desire? nope. Presents? nope. SIM? Nope. Blaze? nope. Sweet/tender hmm maybe, what have I got.

Then I spied an author, Jackie Braun. I read one of hers a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. So I picked it up. What did I find but a series. Hmmm haven't read one of those for ages. Okay I'll give it ago. The back blurb sounded good.

Open the first page, our heroine is being strangled. Well that's a different start. We also find out in this scene that she has been married 3 times! Divorced twice and widowed. Well now this is a big leap of faith for this particular line.

Next scene enter our hero, a paparazzi photographer who seems to have a vendetta against our heroine. Wow this is getting more intriguing by the minute.

It was a FABULOUS book about misunderstandings. The realisation that you only get one chance at life and to learn from your mistakes. But also it's about taking a chance too. How can a woman who has married 3 times attempt a 4th time? Did she really love her 3 other husbands? What was her motivation for marrying them?

Jackie handled all those questions brilliantly and in a believable fashion.

The second book was a 'reunion' book. Not quite as intense as the first but still a fabulous read that I finished in one day.

The third book, again tackled an interesting subject. The heroine was still married, even though she had been separated for 2 years and had given her husband divorce papers. Now he hadn't signed them and she hadn't really pushed him too? Why the reluctance? Did she still love him?

It's clear from the start there is an instant attraction between the hero and heroine.

The hero is trying hard to be honourable, yet he finds it difficult to be in the same room without wanting to devour her. But he succeeds.

Yet again Jackie delivered a believable, truly magic story. I was completely satisfied with her reasonings and he was extremely honourable.

The names of the books are "A Woman Worth Loving", "Their Unfinished Business" and "Saying Yes to the Boss". The series is called "The Conlans of Trillium Island".

I would really recommend them to you all. If you can track them down do yourself a favour and read them. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I wasn't. It's the first time in I don't know how long that I've read 3 books in 3 days.




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