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14 June 2007

How Things Change

Well I guess I'd be lucky if anyone still visits but what the hey I'll post anyway.

I've discovered something recently and that is I'm bored with the internet. What used to hold me in its thrall. What used to be a need, alright an addiction, just doesn't appeal to me anymore. The sites I used to avidly visit just don't seem to be the same. Guess my life has moved on and everyone I spoke to all the time have moved on with their lives too. We all met at a point in our lives when we needed the internet I guess. I'm disappointed in myself that I don't have the same passion for the sites as I did.

For me having two kids now and working has cut into my internet time considerably but I think the big thing would be that my friends aren't at the end of that MSN board anymore. They're lives have all changed be it children entering their lives, study, activities for kids etc. I find it all a bit sad really. I miss those chats. I miss the laughs we had and how fabulous I'd feel just after having a quick chat with them.

Guess I'll have to try and make some real friends now, not imaginery internet friends. ;)

But to all my friends who still visit this blog. I miss you and I do love you!!



  • At 7:27 pm , Blogger Jenne said...

    Miss you too Nicki! It's so sad that good change often means giving up good standbys too.

  • At 9:04 am , Blogger lidia said...


    Your blog is saved on my favorites list. I still visit periodically.

    You are right though, things change, people move on, etc... I noticed that on the eharlequin boards many of the readers and aspiring writers no longer post.

    I miss reading all of the great stories!

    Take care,

  • At 3:12 am , Blogger Danica/Dream said...

    Thank you for that... silly of me, but I feel the same way. I have a million links on my blog and tonight I realized it's been forever since I've visited most of them, so here I am.

    I miss you and I love you.


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