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03 June 2010

The Tyranny of Distance

Well it's getting close until we make the long trek back home for a holiday. As the date draws near I find myself getting extremely nervous about flying. I will be travelling over with the kids and my DH is joining us a couple of weeks later. So that is freaking me out a bit, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

What is it going to be like to be back in Perth? Will I feel like an outsider? What about the kids friends, will they be happy to see them?

With Facebook I've never been too far away from the friends I have but with the kids, well it's different. As an adult you can not see or speak to people for weeks, months or even years and when you meet up again, it's as if you've never been apart. With kids it's a bit different, they change friends like they change socks. I know my kids are excited about seeing their old friends. I know they'll probably sound a bit Texan. On occasion I pick it up but other times I think they sound the same as always. They are both adamant that they don't want to sound 'American'. :)

I'm pretty sure that my DD's friends will be excited to see her, after all she had developed quite close friendships with a few girls. But as time passes on, will there be the same amount of excitement when we visit. When we return and hopefully get into the same school, how will the kids be treated? Or even how will my kids treat their friends. Lots of what ifs and it really is something that I have no control over. Of course they will have the same issue when we leave, they'll leave the friends they've made here but would we visit Houston as often as we'll visit Perth. As I said it's something I have no control over so I'll just have to hope that everything will turn out fine. And who knows they might make different friends second time around!!



  • At 12:08 am , Blogger Rachael Johns said...

    Ahh... Nicki... as mums, don't we just stress about everything. No point me telling you not too :) but I really am sure everything will be wonderful. Kids are so much different to us and they see it all very differently too! xox


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