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11 April 2010

What to Say

It seems I'm having trouble coming up with things to talk about. It's a bit bizarre or maybe it's because when I think of something it's usually at 2am in the morning. I know I should get the notepad out and write things down, but seriously it's 2am I'm tired and want my sleep!

Instead of blogging I should be writing or editing or both but I find so many other things to do which really aren't that necessary. I do like to procrastinate.

I guess I want to make my posts here thought provoking and interesting. Why? I don't know I just want to see comments as well as seeming like I can be serious and make people think! Vain I know :)

But having said that I want to be thought provoking I don't want to be political because, well that can get you in some serious hot water and truly isn't worth it. Best to keep opinions to yourself. See I'm such a wuss.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with something exciting to talk about.



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