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09 September 2008

So what's new

Well I thought I'd post while I was away at conference but I swear time went by so fast and I was so busy that I wasn't able to catch up with people that I wanted to!

Conference was such a buzz. There were 6 of us Wink Girls at the conference. A really good number for a WA group. Actually I think WA was represented really well this year. I was bandying around the idea of having a conference in Perth. There seemed to be a positive response from some authors and other attendees. We will have to a proposal forward and see how it goes down, but just say we will give it a great go to get the conference over here.

I was still deciding whether or not I wanted to pitch my story to HM&B. I thought it was an opportunity that I won't get again for probably another year so I should just do it. Well lets just say the pressure was mounting! The reason the pressure was mounting is this.

Our group had a total of 10 pitches. Some of the girls were fortunate enough to have two pitches to two different publishers. I only had one as that's all I wanted to do. Well anyway at afternoon tea on the Saturday 6 of the 10 pitches had been completed and there were 6 requests. I was pitch number 7. Can I just tell you I was panicking. What if I was the only one that didn't get a request? Sure I was in two minds before I landed in Melbourne but once I was there, of course, I wanted a request!

Anyway my time came and at the end of my 5 minutes I had in my hand a business card which I had to attach to my partial and synopsis. Was I on a high? You bet I was. Anyway by 10am Sunday all 10 pitches were completed and the total number of requests ...... 10!

It was a wonderful outcome and one I'm not sure we can't top but lets just say our little group is going to be extremely busy over the next couple of months.

So now I'm busy re-working my 3 chapters after my discussion with the editor and then I'll do some deep editing and send out to the girls then off to the editor. Goal is to have it out by the beginning of November which means I have a lot of work to do.

I'm also going to enter a synopsis contest and also look at another proposal for a Desire project.

It's an exciting time and I just have to get rid of the procrastinating voice in my brain.

Hope everyone who reads my blog is happy and healthy.



  • At 9:21 pm , Blogger lidia said...



    The day when I can read a book with your name on the cover is coming closer and closer!!!!

  • At 7:21 am , Blogger Just Nicki said...

    Thanks Lidia. This story is actually a medical. Trying my hand something a bit different. I'm excited because I can try to show a different side to my writing as Medicals are a really emotional story.

    You can be in charge of my fan club when I get published ;-)

  • At 7:28 pm , Blogger lidia said...


    I read Medicals here and there. You are right -- they are emotional -- in a different way than HPs are.

    I still hope to see your 'first' story in print.


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